Katahdin Cedar Fence has been producing quality Northern White Cedar fencing since 1973.  Northern White Cedar is at the heart of everything at Katahdin Fence.

Cedar is the natural, sustainable option for homeowners who want an authentic, low-maintenance, stylish fence. Cedar is scientifically proven to have superior resistance to aging, rot, cracking, shrinkage, heat and cold. Northern White Cedar grows naturally in sustainable forests, and Katahdin
makes the most cedar fence in North America.

In addition to fences, our parent company Katahdin Forest Products also manufactures high quality cedar log homes, cedar outdoor accessories, and playground equipment. It is this broad range of products that has made Katahdin the largest primary processor of Northern White Cedar in the world. An important part of our legacy is Katahdin’s ability to offer quality and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. We mill Northern White Cedar at two locations, Oakfield
and Ashland, Maine. Oakfield is the company’s headquarters and where all of the final shaping and milling of the cedar logs takes place.

Our diversification into different markets of cedar products allows Katahdin to maintain a steady, reliable source for all of the products we produce. This keeps supply flowing year-round and prices stable.  Katahdin Cedar Fence is owned and operated by the same family—now in its third generation. Our employees, too, often have several generations within the same family working at the mills in various roles. Our craftsmen have developed a high level of pride and responsibility in working with cedar. They exhibit the finest qualities of Maine ingenuity and it is reflected
in Katahdin Cedar Fence products.