Northern White Cedar has been the natural choice for fencing for hundreds of years.

Early settlers in America relied on white cedar fence posts to last a generation, and some historical homesteads have existing cedar posts that were set in the ground more than a century

    Homeowners who seek natural and organic options for their families and homes, often turn to cedar for its inherent resistance to insects, mold, and rot. Cedar produces natural oils to repel
insects that might damage the tree in the wild. This natural insecticide makes cedar a useful material for lining closets and blanket chests to keep moths away, as well as making cedar an ideal material
for fences. Termites and carpenter ants stay away from cedar when used for homes decks and fences. This natural protection in cedar requires no toxic chemical treatment to help protect the
wood from damaging insects. 

    Northern White Cedar is also the most sustainable choice for fencing. These trees grow abundantly and naturally replenish without human intervention. Other farm-raised tree species use lots of chemical fertilizer and insecticide, as well as more carbon-intensive processes during the growth of the trees.  Northern White Cedar is also listed on the International Union for  Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened species as of “least concern” and noted that its range is increasing through the invasion of abandoned farmland.


Northern White Cedar also has low moisture content relative to other woods. It is less prone to shrinkage and warping since it quickly becomes naturally balanced with the ambient air humidity.
Cedar ages naturally to a soft silvery gray and can last for many years with no staining or paint. However, stain and paint will protect the exterior of the wood from ultraviolet damage and maintain
cedar’s good looks.  Other popular fencing materials are made from petroleum-based products or
from less durable pinewood impregnated with unregulated substances, such as copper, which are poisonous to molds and insects. If a natural solution for fence is your preference, then Katahdin
Fence is the obvious choice.